I'm a bit rusty on doing sysadm on OI, but an old workhorse machine in the
server room developed a fault on one half of the rpool mirror.

So that disk needs replacing, and the old ones are 500GB but the new ones
are 2TB. I happen to have a dozen 2TB new Seagate disks, so there I am.
I'll have to replace both.

I'm looking at


Will that instruction work for OI151a7?

I don't have any bootable media available.

My rpool consists of c1t0d0s0 and c1t1d0s0

I think I need to do:

# zpool set autoexpand on rpool
# zpool remove c1t1d0s0

Power down the machine.
Physically replace c1t1d0s0 with a 2TB disk. Boot. Partition the 2TB to
have a single partition covering the whole disk.
Do I need to run cfgadm to unconfigure the old c1t1d0 first, then powerdown
and replace?
And a new cfgadm to configure the new disk after boot?

# zpool replace rpool c1t1d0s0

Wait for resilvering

installgrub to c1t1d0s0?? How?
How to test bootability of new disk?

Then, what do I need to do to replace the still working 500GB disk by a 2TB
disk and then make rpool grow to the full 2TB?

Hans J. Albertsson
>From my Nexus 5
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