On 09/16/16 11:58 AM, Hans J. Albertsson wrote:
> On 2016-09-15 11:27, Hans J Albertsson wrote:
>> I'm a bit rusty on doing sysadm on OI, but an old workhorse machine
>> in the server room developed a fault on one half of the rpool mirror.
>> So that disk needs replacing, and the old ones are 500GB but the new
>> ones are 2TB. I happen to have a dozen 2TB new Seagate disks, so
>> there I am. I'll have to replace both.

Look at:

There were many new things happening since 151a7 came out, new OpenZFS
on disk format with feature flags, many illumos fixes, security fixes,
moving to Openssh, current graphics and desktop development, moving to
linked images for zones by default...


You could stay with old unsupported OI, or..
you can simply install Openindiana hipster 201604 on new disk, put
another in the mirror and then update, to get supported version.
Then you can set up your services, zones or even run full 151a7 inside
HVM if you must, inside disk images using aether kvm or VirtualBox.

>> I don't have any bootable media available.


I also made it updating from a7 to a8 and a9 old /dev and updating to
/hipster-2015 repo and form that to /hipster , 201604 and then current
hipster. Just take a care of zones configuration.


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