Ok, New (not even a) user here, please be gentle.

So I'm considering installing oi as my primary OS. Before I do I have a few

1. Is the whole system is package based? Like Linux, unlike FreeBSD.

2. Is it recommended for desktop OS, or are you focusing on server

3. Is there any way to install the OS without ZFS?

4. Is ext4 is supported? Recommended for root, home?

5. Is it recommended to install the OS on old HW? I have this currently
running Debian Linux:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+

I use XFCE, and it runs good. I ask this because I run oi in Virtualbox, and
it is very very slow.

I'd use this computer for software development, embedded software development,
but also watching movies with mpv.

6. Is there any web interface for packages, so I can check if there's any
package that I'll miss, and have to compile by myself.

7. I also have a server, currently running FreeBSD. It hosts a git server,
lighttpd based web server, NFS server, and acts as border GW doing NAT. Can I
use oi for these?

Thanks for your answers. And thanks for the great OS.

Best regards,

73 de HA5OGL
Op.: Levente
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