On 09/17/2016 02:12 PM, IT@Mitutoyo wrote:
What's weird is from my home system over vpn, I'm able to see the testing 
share, but no others. I tried setting abe=false on one of them, and that didn’t 
help. I tried setting the permissions back to everyone full control, and that 
didn't help either.

Something you said just triggered my memory.
Now I recall running into something similar a little while back.
Mind you this was a workgroup setup, not domain.


Using smbview from an OI client system, I could only see one of my shares.
However, I could access them all via the GUI client (caja-connect-server).

Using smbview from a Linux client I could see them all (but it was complaining about netbios over TCP/IP being disabled).
And using KDE Dolphin I could access the shares just fine.

From a Windows 10 machine I could see and access them without any problems.


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