Hi Ben,

great to hear this, BIG thanks to you again.
Sorry also for the delay with the i915/drm-kms versus agpgart stack on <= gen5 
GPU fix.
Qt 4 versus 5 and VirtualBox simply kept me busy all of last week, but now that 
it is mostly completed I can finally continue on the other fronts:

i915 auf <=gen5: agpgart _erweitern_
compiz Mate
(qt5) 64bit
xhci Sol11 bins

I did not create the logo myself, but what I did was to find out how to show it 
on every boot as splash screen during what would be POST on a real computer. 
That alone took half a working day. By default the OSE only shows a black 
splash screen (totally black, only showing the Press F12 message [which is not 
part of the .bmp file itself]).
Also I added the best and only real OpenSolaris distros to it [T.M.]  to this 
logo and saved it in a very specific way so it actually works, rather than 
quitting the VM 1 sec after startup ;)

The other aspects you described are true, but normal.
Because it was configured and compiled under the terms of GPL2 as OSE 

However: Technically the Oracle provided guest additions are compatible, and so 
is also the respective version-matching extension pack from Oracle, at the 

I'm looking forward to more test results, especially USB.
For me it doesn't work at the moment, but Oracle's binary package also doesn't 
work for me.
That's still a problematic area which needs extra reviews.

Which Hipster rev running which kernel are you using?

Best regards,

>Install went on fine.
>I just needed to add the SMAP setting in the /etc/system file
>Nice splash and "About" screen.
>One thing to notice is that the Guest addition ISO is only offering Solaris 
>version and the ISO itself is rather small compared to the VBox Windows 
>I'll do some test using USB passthrough later on.
>Best regards,
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