It should be permissions based.
Only giving whatever access to the respective devices on the host doesn't work, 
modifications regarding suid against /opt/VirtualBox/VirtualBox are also not 
doing the trick.
In the past with vbox4 test runs with vbox as root made USB and on another 
aspect also optical media passthrough (on non-USB) work.

The curiosity with Vbox5.0.x and 5.1.x (no matter if Oracle bins or self-built) 
is, that you cannot properly run vbox5 as root (for a short test), because the 
Qt GUI gets messed up and no text is shown. Quite odd.
But more on that after the TODO list was completed.
Life is, tough. And short, especially with such hobbies.

>I'm looking forward to more test results, especially USB.
>For me it doesn't work at the moment, but Oracle's binary package also doesn't 
>work for me.
>That's still a problematic area which needs extra reviews.
>Best regards,
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