Hallo Christian,

thanks for your interesting hint!

p.s. Here also in public: Let me thank you again for your 20160909 donation of 
50 EUR :)
As real heroes deserve you were added once again to  
http://svr4.opensxce.org/sparc/RELEASE_NOTES__OpenSXCE2013.05SPARC.txt   :)

I'll instantly test your X11 forwarding Vbox5 root user proposal.
Then this gives clues if it makes USB work (as root user).

dankende MfG aus Ost-Berlin,

>Вторник, 20 сентября 2016, 5:24 UTC от Christian Meier <meierc...@gmail.com>:
>Hi Martin
>> The curiosity with Vbox5.0.x and 5.1.x (no matter if Oracle bins or 
>> self-built) is, that you cannot properly run vbox5 as root (for a short 
>> test), because the Qt GUI gets messed up and no text is shown. Quite odd.
>I could start as root if I tunnel the X-Windows
>It makes no different if I connect from Windows (putty x-forward) or do
>an 'ssh -X' on the Solaris.
>May this work for the moment as a work-around
>Regards Christian

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