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Тема: TEST-pkg available: Hipster's future 


as promised here finally the binary SVR4 package for use on 
Hipster/OpenIndiana, OpenSXCE, XStreamOS or TribbliX from 2015 or newer.
The ips stuff still needs some polishing and I release the src hipster-userland 
integration later today or next night after first some sleep.
Yes, I *do* mean it when I say community team work (as you see from mentioning 
friendly distros).
And more: I took the freedom to incorporate Jim Klimov's excellent 
Ahh and btw, I fixed the
problem and now the (Oracle created/Solaris11.3 designed) driver loads on 
Illumos again, so thanks to this plus vboxconfig.sh postinstall completes 
without error.

Here the test bins (src diffs, Makefile and ips manifest to follow soon) :


Thank you!

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