Hi Aurélien,

man! That is outstanding.
Yes, it was this typical empty probe issue indeed.
On my agenda it was the last thing to look into, so DTrace support might not 
have made it into the initial IPS release without your help.
That's just cool, and this then also means we can definitely ship the DTrace 
extension pack which is included in the OSE edition src and which does get 
built without issues, good to know, I add it back into the manifest.


>Среда, 21 сентября 2016, 19:32 UTC от Aurélien Larcher 
>Hi Martin,
>> Meanwhile I thought about it: While what I said is indeed 100% accurate for 
>> the lack of the (general) ext-pack in the OSE (the OSE only generates a 
>> DTrace-extension pack, which I didn't ship because DTrace had to be disabled 
>> to get Vbox5 built), the guest additions are a better story.
>If this is related the empty probe issue then I can send a patch to
>you, I built the DTrace extension.

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