I tried migrating the root pool from a small and slow disk with 512 byte
blocks to a larger disk of 2TB with 4k blocks.

So I connected the larger disk as c1t1d0, partitioned with an smi label and
a single slice s0 covering the whole disk. I mad
I did
zpool create nxtroot c1t1d0s0
zfs snapshot -r rpool@moove
zfs send -R rpool@moove | zfs receive -Fd nxtroot
zpool export nxtroot

Then I removed the old rpool disk , and rebooted into live DVD for oi 151a7
(which is necessary, because later 151distros won't run SunRay software
services which is la raison d'être pour cet ordinateur) and did
zpool import nxtroot tool

Seemed quite OK.

Rebooted to the new rpool, and this fails: the
zfs mount -a
that occurs at startup still sees nxtroot AND rpool both, and some bits are
mounted from nxtroot/.., some bits from rpool/..

What gives?

After this attempt at using the new rpool, it gets corrupted and can't even
be destroyed.

I'm guessing that 151a7 is too old for this for some reason, and the
problem could be the size, maybe rpools need to be <1TB in 151a7?

Hans J. Albertsson
From my Nexus 5
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