On 09/22/2016 08:40 AM, Hans J Albertsson wrote:
I tried migrating the root pool from a small and slow disk with 512 byte
blocks to a larger disk of 2TB with 4k blocks.

So I connected the larger disk as c1t1d0, partitioned with an smi label and
a single slice s0 covering the whole disk. I mad
I did
zpool create nxtroot c1t1d0s0
zfs snapshot -r rpool@moove
zfs send -R rpool@moove | zfs receive -Fd nxtroot
zpool export nxtroot

Then I removed the old rpool disk , and rebooted into live DVD for oi 151a7
(which is necessary, because later 151distros won't run SunRay software
services which is la raison d'être pour cet ordinateur) <snip>

Is anything being done to address that shortcoming? Is the SunRay effectively dead?

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