On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 1:54 PM, Marc Lobelle <marc.lobe...@uclouvain.be> wrote:
> On 11/10/16 18:19, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
>> Hi,
>> here is a short list of packages looking for adoption by a nice
>> maintainer:
>> benchmark/iozone
>> developer/fakeroot
>> developer/versioning/guilt
>> editor/bvi
>> editor/jedit
>> image/virtualgl
>> library/idnkit
>> library/libosip2
>> library/xmlrpc-c
>> shell/shmux
>> terminal/roxterm
>> web/aget
>> Considering that we have been talking about this for several months,
>> if nobody is interested in updating them right now, I guess they
>> should simply be deprecated instead of carrying old versions around.
>> Aurélien
> Some old open source programs are not maintained any more but they do well
> what they are supposed to do. I think xfig is in this case. However they are
> still usefull and used. It is always a loss of time to have to find a source
> and recompile it when you install a new computer with a recent OS
> distribution (such as OI-Hipster1604).

Hi Marc,
thanks for your message, I agree with you.
We need to migrate them to oi-userland to be able to patch them and
rebuild them against dependencies if necessary.
I used xfig during my PhD so I'd be happy if you create a component for it.

> There are also programs that are still maintained but of which an old
> version is in OI, such as cups: it is better to have an old cups than no
> cups at all.
> As long as such programs work I would keep them in distributions. If one
> does not like to have them with the others, they could somehow be flagged as
> old.
> I'll see if I can make a package with a working version of xfig. Can you
> point me to an howto (assuming I have  a working compiled version for OI).

Additionally to Adam's link, this may help you:


Some Makefile examples are provided under 'templates' in oi-userland.
I should update the document to comply with recent guidelines.

Kind regards


> Thanks
> Marc
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