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Hi, men.

Do you have any positive/negative reports on TB testing?


it looks like works - I did not experienced any crash since installation.

* I was already using TB 45.2.0 from http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/thunderbird/releases/45.2.0/contrib/solaris_tarball/ which worked also fine (OK, enigmail does not, bur the rest /few add-ons/ behave quiet good). * Then, on same site, I have found 45.4.0 which was compiled against some old glibc - so it dies on start (also, stuck with 45.2 - 45.3 was not uploaded there)
* Did have switched to that contributed package log time ago:
$ ls -ald .thunderbird*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 predrag_zecevic admin 15 Oct 18 09:19 .thunderbird -> .thunderbird-45
drwx------ 3 predrag_zecevic admin  4 Jun 17  2015 .thunderbird-38
drwx------ 3 predrag_zecevic admin  4 Jun 17  2015 .thunderbird-45

and cannot compare OI 38 against OI 45 version - but can give compare judgment (w/o doing any truss or debugging - I know that is not proper method) of versions coming from Mozilla ftp (45.2) against OI userland (45.3):

# w/o any measuring OI version is kinda slower - need longer time to start up and sometimes connecting to mail server last longer # there were no H/W updates on PC, or other load related changes on in between switch of those 2 versions; also no new add-ons were added
# spellchecking is also slower, but works
# unfortunately, I have currently not too much time to do proper testing - and also I am not sure how v38 would be comparable with v45 (even if I start TB w/o add-ons) since OI /hipster has changed a lot in meantime.
# I can truss TB and send file to you if that can help

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