On 10/18/16 04:49 PM, Predrag Zečević - Technical Support Analyst wrote:
# w/o any measuring OI version is kinda slower - need longer time to
start up and sometimes connecting to mail server last longer
# there were no H/W updates on PC, or other load related changes on in
between switch of those 2 versions; also no new add-ons were added
# spellchecking is also slower, but works
# unfortunately, I have currently not too much time to do proper testing
- and also I am not sure how v38 would be comparable with v45 (even if I
start TB w/o add-ons) since OI /hipster has changed a lot in meantime.
# I can truss TB and send file to you if that can help

You can test pkg://userland/mail/thunderbird/plugin/thunderbird-lightning@45.3.0,5.11-2016.0.1.0:20161018T091336Z and pkg://userland/mail/thunderbird@45.3.0,5.11-2016.0.1.0:20161018T091341Z . They were compiled with '-O2', but I'm not sure this will make them significantly faster.
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