Alan Coopersmith wrote:
On 05/18/17 12:37 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:
Jean-Pierre André <> writes:
I have a similar problem with Shift-F5 which is hijacked
by some code I cannot locate. Apparently this does not
reach Xorg (xev does not see the KeyPress event), so I
cannot redefine it.

I thought it was hijacked by the nvidia driver, as I got
the normal behavior on a computer with Intel graphics, but
this was with vesa emulation. The Intel graphics driver
can now be used, and the hijacking now also shows up on
this computer.

So this must be an OI/illumos thing (or at least something
common to nvidia and intel drivers but not the vesa one).
How can I locate and un-hijack it ?

Note : Shift-F5 causes a screen blink. Is it taken for
a screen copy or a screen print ?

Oops - I missed the original message, but saw it quoted here - check to
see if you have a process called "dispswitch" running - it grabs
Shift-F5 to try to do display probe/switch for when you plug in an external
monitor to your laptop.

That was it !

Just killing the dispswitch process makes the key usable.

It was an OpenSolaris custom creation which I assume OI inherited, and
isn't used on other OS'es that I know of.

It's started by /etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-dispswitch.desktop as part of
desktop session startup.  The man page lists the args to change which
key it steals.

Not tried yet, but I am on the right track now.

Thanks !


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