I acquired an Apple Xserve 2008 for no apparent reason at all except that I 
thought it would be fun to throw OpenIndiana Hipster on it and learn more about 
virtualization, maybe set up Plex, NZBget, Sonarr and some other (zoned or 
VMed) services and a development environment for data analytics software.  I 
created an OpenIndiana 2017.04 CD and tried to boot the Xserve but the EFI did 
not recognize the CD as a boot disk.  Has anyone else tried installing on an 
Xserve?  I thought the OpenIndiana installation media could boot on EFI enabled 
machines?  Any ideas are welcome.  I have yet to try using a UB flash to boot 
OpenIndiana but something tells me that this has to do with EFI as I was able 
to boot on a BIOS Dell i5 laptop with no hassle.

One more question.  Has anyone ever set up a macOS kvm under Hipster?  Would be 
great to have that set up and run Xcode in it.

Thank you.


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