This is the last copy I downloaded of the PPC source code

542 % ls -l sunlabs-osppc-src-20061002.tar

-rw-rw-rw- 1 jkemp users 373918208 Aug 17 2010 sunlabs-osppc-src-20061002.tar
543 %

I believe that this was the last publically available source download, but if anyone can confirm or deny, it is appreciated.


On 12/ 3/17 05:05 PM, ken mays via openindiana-discuss wrote:

Polaris got to the point where it booted to prompt but never considered 
finished.The project was canned not long after this point.
The project spawned into a project for the main Pegasos 2 workstations we used 
from Genesi.
I had the source, but think it is still online.

    On Sunday, December 3, 2017, 1:08:26 PM PST, Alan Coopersmith 
<> wrote:

 On 12/ 3/17 12:36 PM, ardi wrote:
By reading the Wikipedia page about Solaris
( ), I somehow
get the conclusion that PowerPC was added into OpenSolaris at some
point, and not only through Polaris, but merging it into OpenSolaris
actually. However, the paragraph explaining it seems a bit unclear, so
maybe I'm not reading it correctly.

It was never merged into the main OpenSolaris repositories, it was only
ever available as a separate project.  (The wording on Wikipedia is a
bit confusing there - perhaps it should say "which re-integrated the
relevant parts from Solaris 2.5.1 into their OpenSolaris project" and
add a note that it was abandoned before completion.)


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