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On 12/12/17 05:11 PM, Predrag Zečević - Technical Support Analyst wrote:
Hi all,

I am maybe repeating myself, but I still have problem that atril and pluma tools does not see printer(s)

Do you have library/desktop/gtk3/gtk-backend-cups installed? What gtk3 version is installed?

Hi AlP,

Looks like there is missing dependency to library/desktop/gtk3/gtk-backend-cups for those 2 tools.

Installed that one, already had GTK3 packages:
library/desktop/gtk3 3.18.9-2017.0.0.3 i-- library/desktop/gtk3/gtk3-nocsd 3-2017.0.0.1 i--

Now all works fine. Thanks for update (I have missed that somehow).

With best regards.
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