Is this possible?   A bunch of searching has not resolved the question.  If it 
is, I will order 3-4 TB disks, if not, I'll order 2 TB disks.
There was a post several years ago saying it worked, but I can find no 
confirmation that it is functional.  

I presently have a system which uses 2 TB disks with a small slice for rpool 
and a large slice for user files.  The user file slice is using RAIDZ2. Each 
disk in the RAIDZ2 pool has an rpool slice which is part of a 4 way mirror.  At 
the time I set that up OI would not boot from an EFI label disk and would not 
boot from a RAIDZ pool.

I've not seen anything definitive to indicate that that has changed.  Hence my 

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