I posted this to the VBox on Solaris forum, but as I was the only person 
reading it, I thought I'd post it here too.

I am having a lot of trouble trying to setup VirtualBox on Hipster 2017.10. 
System is a 3 disk mirrored rpool (s0 slices) and a 3 disk RAIDZ1 vpool (s1 
slices) on identical 2 TB disks with SMI labels. Hipster is fine, though I 
experienced some strange hiccups setting it up related to the installer 
assumptions. Part way through creating the 3 way mirror it borked itself and I 
had to start over. The second time it went as expected. I've used a similar 
configuration on another system with 4 disks using RAIDZ2.

I have installed VBox 5.2.4 with the 5.2.4 extension pack. I've added myself to 
the vboxuser group.

I created a VM for Debian 9.3. But when I attempt to install Debian, I get a 
"Fatal error: no bootable medium...". Following a lot of web searches I've 
tried turning off the network, the audio and USB, though the latter seems to 
turn itself back on. I've putzed with the CD settings to no avail. If I select 
"passthrough" I get a failure trying to mount the DVD R/W. The disk is fine and 
the system will boot from it if I reboot with it in the drive.

I also created a VM for Windows 7. That will load the repair disk, but then it 
cannot find either an NTFS USB drive with a system image on it, or the last DVD 
from a system image set.

The thing that is making me really crazy is that I've done *all* of this except 
the Win 7 install either under Hipster or under Win 7. I'd concede just to get 
on with life, but I really want ZFS on Solaris as the host.

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