While Gnome3 With extensions is an interesting Option for the future we commited to mate some time ago as it was easier to maintain with our limited resource.

Since Alan Coopersmith with his team at Oracle has ported Gnome3 to solaris it is now also an option to port. If you are up for porting and maintaining it I will happily assist with my know-how from packaging.

You can find the Port in Oracles Github: [1]

Hope this helps

[1] https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland/tree/master/components/gnome

Am 21.12.2017 um 16:45 schrieb cpforum:

I've found theses thread November 2016 in openindiana-discuss and oi-dev 
archive about Gnome 3.22.1 port under Solaris 11.


I also remember someone give a publisher url of the Solaris port on OI hipster
but I've lost the url of this publisher.

First version of Gnome 3 were ugly you have to use keybord Windows key to makes 
preferred application appears on the left. It's now possible (under CentOS 7.4 
for exemple ) with Frippery Gnome extension to have a Gnome 3.X deskop near the 
same as the Gnome 2.32 or Mate 1.18 with preferences applications in the top 
toobar and the launched one's in the bottom toolbar.

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On 12/21/17 04:12 PM, cpforum wrote:

Were can I found an IPS url for Gnome 3.X repository for OpenIndiana Hipster ?
Someone post info about Gnome 3 one or two years ago in this list.

Nowhere. I don't remember any developer interested in Gnome 3 on OI.
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