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I am having a lot of trouble trying to setup VirtualBox on Hipster

I updated to latest hipster yesterday, which means I'm past what
was included in 2017.10.  I got here via periodic updates, though,
not a fresh install of 2017.10.

I have installed VBox 5.2.4 with the 5.2.4 extension pack. I've added
myself to the vboxuser group.

I'm using a different version (5.0.40 with Jim K's patch for the
installation issue).  I also have guests (Windows 7 & a hipster 2017.05
dev system) that were installed *before* I updated by OI base system.

However, they continue to run just fine.

So, not quite the same situation you have, but a couple of VirtualBox VMs
running on top of OI hipster latest with no issues.

If there's time over the semester break I may try refresh my OI dev/build
VM, which would mean a new install.  I'll report if I see any odd issues.

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