I don't *think* it's Hipster.  I had similar weirdness with Windows 7 as the 
host.  Sometimes it would find the disk and sometimes it wouldn't.  I don't 
think the VBox team is quite Solaris grade.  

It's really sad that the kernel group was let go.  I really wish someone with 
silly amounts of money would step up and hire a bunch of the kernel team to 
work on Illumos.  But, of course, people with silly amounts of money are only 
interested in getting more money. When they get older, they buy themselves a 
good reputation through "philanthropy".

With 3.3 TB of RAIDZ1 for the vdisk pool, it's sort of irrelevant whether the 
image is on a DVD or disk. The next thing is to get Windows 7 running as a 
guest  Once I sort out what actually works I'll test it usingt a fresh install 
on a spare disk and document it on the wiki.

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