Thanks.  Do you know from personal experience that that will work with Solaris 
10?  Rather weird that the other vendors are 3x more money.  I bought 3 Z400s 
on eBay for $100 each, so it's still relatively pricey ;-)  But if you verify 
that it will work with Sol 10,  I'll buy one just to have on hand.

After 4+hours it's 40% thru resilvering the 1st of the RAIDZ1 disks with an 
estimated 6 hours to go.  This makes me think that zfs send-recv to a new pool 
would be more practical.

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larger disks
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 >I had considered setting up an
 array at the drive  capacity of the Z400.  The 
 >BIOS behavior would likely  make that
 catastrophic by requiring that the syste
 >m be rebooted with both the old and new
 drives in place, but nowhere to plug i
 the new drive.
 You'll be much less likely to throw your
 workstation out the window
 with this <
 $100 investment:
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