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>> The only really secure solution :  replace  your CPU !
> Do you mean to sparc?
> N.

While Meltdown may be specific to Intel, I would not assume that SPARC would be 
immune to Spectre.  Perhaps newer CPUs (e.g. M7 and later, with "Silicon 
Secured Memory") might at least complicate an attack considerably.

Given how broadly Spectre might be applicable, I'm surprised that there's no 
mention of at least investigating the possibilities on CPUs other than Intel, 
AMD, and ARM - like SPARC, Power, or for that matter the CPUs in IBM mainframes.

Granted that between lawyers and marketing, there would be a reluctance to say 
anything.  But to at least acknowledge investigating the possibility with 
followup info later would, while not actually all that informative, at least 
assure people that they weren't just leaving their junk hanging out.

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