When applying fixes to IllumOS/OpenIndiana to fix the Meltdown vulnerability forcing the separation of Kernel Memory from User Memory into separate Memory spaces, please make sure that the code detects the CPU type. My Dual AMD CPUs are not susceptible the Meltdown so I do not want to take the Intel performance hit every time the kernel is accessed.

The Spectre Variant 1 requires software to be run on the host machine which can then spy on other applications running on the host. The spying application would have to be able to determine the speculative instructions executed by another process to access the cached results before the cached information is flushed. This variant is mitigated by rebuilding your applications to include protection measures this effects both AMD and Intel CPUs

The Spectre Variant 2 is an Intel only problem, with only the ARM A75 core vulnerable and given that has not been released, it makes sense to fix the core prior to release so AMD can get some good PR.



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