I am not sure if its a bug...

I just installed the Hipster 2017.10, all ok except sound is regognised but
now working ,
then I upgraded the latest revision of the current release (image-update
-v). The problem now is
the time is completely screwed up, displays a date 26 December 1986 and
there is no way to change it!
The date command accepts only the time  day and month, does not recognize
the year, stays on 1986.
While booting I am getting a warning , Time-of-day chip unresponsive,
time-of-day clock error reason jumped by 0x3a5c4dc3
stopping tracking Time of Day clock.

other installed OS (win10/Linux/BSD) have no issues, so I am sure the TOD
chip is fine  and battery checked too.

thx in advance

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