The problem of building an up to date version of Filezilla like 3.30.0 are the dependant libraries which in turn have further dependencies. So you have a situation where multiple libraries have to be maintained. All I need is a FTP/SCP client which does not crash like gftp. The gftp 2.0.19 was released in November 30, 2008 while Filezilla is from November 15, 2009.

When I previously tried to build Filezilla I had issues with the older versions of gcc available, having tried gcc 7.2 this issues disappeared.

Using Filezilla it is possible to build an executable, attempting to build 3.5.0 fails because the TinyXML version on OpenIndiana is rejected as too old and hightlights issues.

It would be great to build Filezilla 3.30.0 just building the system provided libraries but the work involved to complete this would require a significant contribution by everyone using OpenIndiana.

If I can resolve the library compatibility issue and find that Filezilla is more stable than gftp then the replacing gftp should have minimal impact within the build environment. As system libraries are upgraded then newer versions of Filezilla can be provided.



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