Hi all

I just noticed that various dnssec related BIND commands are not
available on hipster (illumos-cd964fce75 from december 2017).

dnssec-dsfromkey, dnssec-keyfromlabel, dnssec-keygen, dnssec-signzone

Missing (as compared to self-compiled bind):
dnssec-checkds, dnssec-keymgr, dnssec-settime, dnssec-verify,
dnssec-importkey, dnssec-revoke

They are not in pkg:/service/network/dns/bind, and pkg search does not
find them anywhere. They should all be available with the currently
installed BIND 9.10.6, afaict.

Does anybody know if this is so on purpose?
Any other way to get them but to compile BIND?

Thanks & best

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