I see threads periodically about problems installing Virtualbox on a
recently updated oi.  And some success stories too, but I really would
like to see a summary of how to attempt to install latest vbox.  I
think that would be 5.2.6 currently.

Something that would give a not so adept person running oi hosts, a
fighting chance of successfully getting a very recent vbox installed
and periodically updating it.

I'm currently running 5.0.40 successfully having used JimK's patches
that were actually written for 4*X vbox. (Thank you Jim K). And have
been doing so for a number of months.  But sooner or later I will be
needing to update.

I've already been told on a Debian list that my version was getting
too old for them to advise me on problems with debian vms I work with
on my OI host.  

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