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> # cat tst1
> #!/bin/sh
> pkgtrans VirtualBox-5.2.4-SunOS-amd64-r119785.pkg . all
> rm SUNWvbox/install/checkinstall
> sed -i /checkinstall/d SUNWvbox/pkgmap
> pkgadd -d . SUNWvbox
> # cat tst2
> #!/bin/sh 
> VBoxManage extpack install 
> Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.2.4-119785.vbox-extpack
> Guests reading from the optical drive is pretty well buggered.  Disk
> images work fine.  If you want to migrate a Windows system to a VM you
> need to use disk2vhd to create the disk image ofd the filesystem.
> You also need to load the extensions from an iso image in each guest.
> I had some issues with screen resolution on Debian, but when I came
> back from my trip the problem was gone.  No idea what the issue was.

excellent help, many thanks.

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