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> On 01/23/18 03:51, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> I see threads periodically about problems installing Virtualbox on a
>> recently updated oi.  And some success stories too, but I really would
>> like to see a summary of how to attempt to install latest vbox.  I
>> think that would be 5.2.6 currently.


> Hi,
> There is (beside Jim's solution) another one (I am using it for recent
> versions on my /hipster OI):
> $ pfexec pkgrm SUNWvbox
> $ tar xf VirtualBox-5.2.6-120293-SunOS.tar.gz
> $ pkgtrans VirtualBox-5.2.6-SunOS-amd64-r120293.pkg . all
> $ rm SUNWvbox/install/checkinstall
> $ sed -i /checkinstall/d SUNWvbox/pkgmap
> $ pfexec pkgadd -d . SUNWvbox
> That is derived from guide:

Your prescription above went off without a hitch ... thanks

I do see something I'm not sure what to do about.  Once I launch the
vbox gui, and start creating new (Linux[ubuntu]) vm, at the very start
one is to enter a name, then in the `Type' box, select an OS. (In this
case `linux').

At that point the next `version' box shows `ubuntu 32'

Clicking the right drop down arrow, I see all the choices are 32 bit,
no 64 bit available.

I would expect that if the host OS was 32 bit but in this case it is a
oi-64 running in a vbox vm on a HP xw8600 also oi-64 as well.

I guess it sounds like those Russian nesting dolls of world fame.

Host M1/
  running `oi' on vm-V1/
      running linux on vm-v1a 

isainfo -b on top level hardware HOST running `oi' shows isainfo -b

isainfo -b on vm-V1  running `oi' shows isainfo -b

Creating a vbox vm on vm-V1 appears to only allow 32 bit.

I have not proceeded beyond creating the vm... have not yet booted
install media on it.

Did you see something like this?.

That is, your vms created on newly installed vbox can only create 32 bit OS's

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