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> I'm currently running VBox 5.2.4 on Hipster with Win-7 Pro and Debian
> 9.3 as guests on an HP Z400 I followed the wiki instructions.  Here
> are the scripts I used:
> # cat tst1
> #!/bin/sh
> pkgtrans VirtualBox-5.2.4-SunOS-amd64-r119785.pkg . all
> rm SUNWvbox/install/checkinstall
> sed -i /checkinstall/d SUNWvbox/pkgmap
> pkgadd -d . SUNWvbox

Please see my most recent response to Predrag B.

The presciption you show above went off without a hitch (Thanks), but
it appears upon creating a new vm with the newly installed vbox
GUI. that it may only be capable of creating 32 bit vms/.

Do you see something like that?

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