On 24/01/2018 22:55, Jerry Kemp wrote:
Had a bad power outage (another story un-into itself) at home, apparently took multiple drives out on an older OpenIndiana (pre-Hipster) system.  I believe the OS (SSD) drive is OK, and I believe that I probably forgot to set the zfs fail=continue switch on the other pools.

My yahoo-fu must be off, I've been looking at wiki.openindiana.org and docs.openindiana.org .

I'm sure I'm just missing the obvious, but can someone share the details of a failsafe boot for an older, pre-Hipster OpenIndiana install please?

At the grub menu, move to the BE you want to boot and type 'e' (for edit).
Use cursor keys and add "-m milestone=none" to the boot command line options. Come out of edit mode (can't remember how off-hand, but it probably tells you on bottom of screen, maybe Esc or Return).
Type 'b' to boot.


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