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>Had a bad power outage (another story un-into itself) at home,
>apparently took multiple drives out on an older OpenIndiana 
>(pre-Hipster) system.  I believe the OS (SSD) drive is OK, and I
>believe that I probably forgot to set the zfs fail=continue switch 
>on the other pools.
>My yahoo-fu must be off, I've been looking at wiki.openindiana.org and
>docs.openindiana.org .
>I'm sure I'm just missing the obvious, but can someone share the
>details of a failsafe boot for an older, pre-Hipster OpenIndiana 
>install please?
>Thank you,
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Alas there is no preinstalled failsafe sine OpenSolaris. I had reasonable 
success using Firefly as a BE and/or as a miniroot stored in the main BE, and 
published scripts I use to manage that setup - mostly needed to switch device 
paths saved into rpool when I dual-boot OI as VM or Physical OS on my laptop.

If your system can boot from CD/DVD or USB, I suggest you take the install 
media, or firefly, or ... and zpool import your pools and perhaps mount the 
desired rootfs to manage it. For just GRUB menu setup and zpool settings you 
shouldn't need to even mount rootfs datasets.

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