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gdm were removed from oi-userland

Bit of a strange request here...

Anyone have a VM that's still running GDM for the login screen, that
could take a screenshot of the GDM screen and send it to me (off list)?

I've been meaning to play around with reskinning lightdm's login screen,
to make it look more like the old GDM one, but now I don't have any decent
was to get a screenshot of the old GDM one.


Here is the OI gdm login screen. I also liked that old OI gdm look and would like to have an option to recreate it or choose another look. Another thing that is missed is nice graphical boot animation while loading the system by default, instead of tons of text displayed during the boot, that doesn't look nice on an desktop session. I think that someone might be against getting back boot animation image while booting, before login screen but I would like it to be there by default again, for all installs with GUI/Xorg/lightdm.


Also it might be interesting to others : How to create login screen/X session screenshot, while aether from VT/text console or while ssh-ing to remote machine.

First create 'shot.sh' sctipt and save it in shot.sh:
echo 'DISPLAY=:0 XAUTHORITY=/var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth xwd -root' >/tmp/shot.sh

Then create screenshot:
sudo bash /tmp/shot.sh >/tmp/shot.xwd
or in my case:
pfexec bash /tmp/shot.sh >/tmp/shot.xwd

And optionally convert .xwd image to .png with convert from 'imagemagick' package:

convert -quality 50 /tmp/shot.xwd /tmp/shot.jpg
convert /tmp/shot.xwd /tmp/shot.png

or just use GIMP to open .xwd file and save it in desired format.

I found the solution, that also works on OI/illumos, here:

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