On 01/25/18 07:57 PM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
On 01/25/18 10:40 AM, russell wrote:
Is there any immediate danger of Mozilla retiring the 32bit version of Firefox?
I believe the most immediate item of concern is that Firefox now uses code
written in Rust, so you'll be limited to platforms that the Rust compiler
generates code for, and I don't know if anyone is bothering to do 32-bit code
generation for Solaris/illumos in Rust.

Of course, with the elimination of Netscape plugin support, there's little
reason to still use a 32-bit version of Firefox.

Previously the reason for using 32-bit Firefox, even on 64-bit platforms, was low to negligent difference in speed (or even faster 32-bit one), better plugin compatibility support and lower memory footprint. (And who needs more then 4GB for a web browser?)

Now it could be "only" lower memory footprint in RAM as benefit of 32-bit FF, that could show significant, yet there is still to find test results with 64-bit FF showing much faster then 32bit one, but I suspect it would be the case.

Ulike x86-64, where 64-bit apps are generally faster the 32-bit, on SPARC 32-bit apps are faster (and use less RAM), because they.. move less bits. So that's one another mention about 32 vs 64bit in general. Not that SPARC port is moving too fast, but it's like, second big platform for illumos distros.

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