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Is there any immediate danger of Mozilla retiring the 32bit version of
I believe the most immediate item of concern is that Firefox now uses
written in Rust, so you'll be limited to platforms that the Rust compiler
generates code for, and I don't know if anyone is bothering to do 32-bit
generation for Solaris/illumos in Rust.

I did some attempts to package rustc for OI, based on the kind of SmartOS,
but with no success for now:

For Rust community is Solaris a tier 3 platform which means no support.
But the recipe tries to download the rust-std library wich is not
available for Solaris.
I have no pkgsrc build system to see how it works for SmartOS.
I would be grateful if anyone can give some advice.

I created a component for Rust some time ago.
I'll try to push it later today as an example.
Not sure whether it will work with recent versions.

I updated my work on github but it throws still erros on build because it use cc instead of gcc for linking, although I set



RUSTFLAGS="-C linker=gcc"

The similar setup works with pkgsrc on smartos.

Perhaps someone has an idea?

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