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>>> On 25.01.2018 18:55, Predrag Zečević - Technical Support Analyst
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> about one hour ago, I have update BE (saw FF update). Then I wanted
>>>> remove network/ssh-askpass/zenity (looks like it is not usable, but
>>>> did not analyzed it properly) and got this error:
>>> ssh depends on ssh-askpass if xserver-common is installed.
>>> ssh-askpass depends on ssh-askpass/zenity if zenity is installed.
>>> So, if you have zenity, ssh and xserver-common installed, you need 
>>> ssh-askpass/zenity in your system :)
>>accepting explanation, but it looks like I do not understand its use 
>>When I log-in to OI MATE (for example after update of BE and reboot), 
>>ssh-askpas zenity pops-up and asks for key password (I would expect
>>it will be saved to keystore).
>>As soon as I try to do ssh to some box, another window pops-up ans ask
>>fo key password.
>>Where I am making mistake?
>>With best regards.
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>Interesting ... I upgraded recently, and see this behavior too. It
>worked with code from a couple of months back, so something recent
>broke it.
>I'd prefer have this restored, so I type my keypass once while
>preparing the session to work, and not get hiccups to enter keys when I
>actually do get to (net-)work...
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I finally dug into the issue with details to be seen in OI IRC weblog.

The short outcome seems to be that the ssh-agent wraps the start of 
mate-session somehow, and as part of the session the gnome-keyring-daemon 
manager starts and hijacks the SSH_AUTH* envvars.

After some back and forth, I just did a `chmod -x /usr/bin/gnome-keyring*` and 
restarted X11 e.g. `systemctl restart lightdm` and got back the ssh-agent 
provided variables in env, so with my ~/.xsession including a 

  /usr/bin/ssh-add </dev/null &

to ask for key password as soon as I log in (not when I first want to use it), 
and with ssh-askpass-zenity being the default (symlinked) implementation of 
password input for the job, things again work as I'm used to ;)

I'd let someone smarter with X11 to figure out why gnome keyring manager is so 
rude when another ssh-agent is already active.

Nothing seems broken as result of a quick inspection, e.g. the applets which 
want root password (nwam....) still work.

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