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On 2018-03-06 09:04, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
> On 03/06/18 08:57 AM, Francis.D wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Download and install in Virtualbox. Installation process work
>> perfectly,
>> Installation gimp, filezilla, inkscape, Libreoffice52 work with a repo
>> sfe.   Installation developer/gcc - gcc-49 build/cmake- cmake/src work
>> but
>> when I tried to make a compilation of vlc 3.0.1 doesn't work. error
>> message
>> gcc
>> Some basic software such as smplayer, vlc, clementine, yarock are
>> missing
>> in the repository.
>> For multimedia, this is currently inadequate
>> basic hardware motherboard asus m5n, AMD Phenom x2 550, 4 go ram, ati
>> 5450
>> video card,Sound card asus d1 (driver cmi8788) not found.
>> In the next few days, I'll try an installation on pc.
>> regard
> Hi.
> 1) Current testing is not related to multimedia, we want to know
> general user experience with new illumos-gate bits.
> 2) You can always use http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-encumbered/
> repository to get a basic set of multimedia packages (basically, vlc
> and gstreamer codecs).

> 3) If you find that some software is missing, nothing prvents you from
> adding it to oi-userland. There's always an issue - the more software
> we have, more power we need to support it. And with basic  team of 3-5
> men it's a big problem.

I am new to openindiana/illumos, and I was wondering the same. I
understand openindiana can use NetBSD's pkgsrc.

Would it be best to contribute new packages directly to pkgsrc, so that
they would hopefully be maintained by a more numerous team, and still
benefitting openindiana (and illumos)?

You might lose some level of system integration (services, mediators,
facets) and be  impacted by system changes that pkgsrc is not aware
Prioritizing pkgsrc may be convenient to some extent but there are
trade offs (which I personally think are too big).

If the goal is to have a consistent illumos distribution, best is to
improve the build system and packages provided by the OS. Maintaining
a selected set of packages allows better control on the quality of the
packages delivered.

When it comes to multimedia packages we have VLC which covers most
pratical uses. If someone steps up to support another player that
provides more features why not, but if it is a matter of aesthetics
one needs to justify the maintenance burden.

I started contributing to oi-userland a few years ago, and it is not
as difficult as I thought it would be :)

Kind regards


Thank you very much for the clarification.

I am coming from FreeBSD (since 2002, both on servers and workstations).

I am just getting my feet wet with openindiana.

I am studying Pro OpenSolaris, and getting to OpenSolaris Bible later, having my first install on a ThinkPad W541. I must say, I was impressed on how smooth and flawless the install was, in comparison to Win 10, FreeBSD 11 or even Linux Mint.

From the overall feel of it I know this is home.

I would like very much to contribute some packages, when (if ever) I'll have enough expertise.

As I understand, then, it would be better to contribute to openindiana repositories, as found here:https://www.openindiana.org/packages/

When the time will come, would I be able to "pester" people on this list, in regards to creating new packages? Or better the oi-dev list?

Thank you.


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