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Hi and welcome in the community

On 06.03.2018 14:48, Priyadarshan via openindiana-discuss wrote:

Thank you very much for the clarification.

I am coming from FreeBSD (since 2002, both on servers and workstations).

I am just getting my feet wet with openindiana.

I am studying Pro OpenSolaris, and getting to OpenSolaris Bible later,
having my first install on a ThinkPad W541. I must say, I was impressed
on how smooth and flawless the install was, in comparison to Win 10,
FreeBSD 11 or even Linux Mint.

From the overall feel of it I know this is home.

I would like very much to contribute some packages, when (if ever)  I'll
have enough expertise.

If you are studying the books you will definately have enough expertise.
The Packaging is made with Custom makefiles based on the current

You can find documentation here:

The Source here: https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland

As I understand, then, it would be better to contribute to openindiana
repositories, as found here:https://www.openindiana.org/packages/

When the time will come, would I be able to "pester" people on this
list, in regards to creating new packages? Or better the oi-dev list?

For packaging help you will definately get help on oi-dev. We also have
irc channels on freenode if you prefer that.


Thank you for the pointers, and the welcome.


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