Thanks for your hints!

Not all of my zones where running, so there was no easy way to set the publishers in the NGZ's.

Your hints pointed me to this page

Following the instructions,
after editing the    /etc/zones/zoneX.xml
and removing   /zones/build/zoneX/root/var/pkg/linked
for every zone X
the installation finished properly :-)

I'm happy :-)


On 07.03.2018 09:33, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
On 03/07/18 12:32 AM, Stephan Althaus wrote:
Hello All!

While trying to test-install libreoffice  to resolve the problem
"Invalid child image publisher configuration.  Child image publisher
configuration must be a superset of the parent image publisher configuration."
because i have non-global zones..

If you use 'ipkg'-branded zones (default), all publishers present in GZ should be present in NGZ (and in the same order). That's what the error message says.

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