On 03/13/18 09:40 AM, Apostolos Syropoulos via openindiana-discuss wrote:
Roll back data-xkb to previous version.

pkg install data-xkb@2.22

I guess they broke the keymaps again...
I did it but still I cannot type Greek in pluma,and in LibreOffice when I type ; + 
vowel I see'v. So I guess they did not broke keymaps, theyactualy f%^&* them...

Maybe going back to BE where it is all working and figure out on what exact osnet-incorporation and userland-incorporation it were last working, and on what update it started not working.

And then pkg freeze of a working package and then update the rest
(possibly with ' pkg change-facet facet.require.consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation=false '
and/or ' pkg uninstall userland-incorporation ' ? )

So it seems it is an upstream bug, that might affect other kernel distributions, too?
Is it in line to report it on both as OI  Issue and an upstream bug ?
Benefits of Rolling-release with spotting bugs early and fixing upstream projects, I presume..

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