I have openindiana 2017.10 installed and updated it to the latest packages and 
image but the NVIDIA driver version is 340.106 and every time I try to make an 
window fullscreen, it goes across both screens.  I have an NVIDIA GTX 590.  I 
can't find a way through the nvidia-settings program to get it to just make 
fullscreen windows appear on one of the screens.  

This problem doesn't exist with the version of the NVIDIA driver in FreeBSD 11. 
 So I downloaded the latest short branch version 387.34 directly from the 
NVIDIA Solaris x64/x86 archive.  When I installed it, it complained about a 
requirement for SUNWgnomelibs but it installed anyhow.  After I rebooted the 
system, I noticed that Xorg was still loading the old 340.106 version from the 
original oi install.  Can someone tell me how I can force it to load the new 
driver?  I think the system is using the driver embedded in the kernel.  

Is there already an advanced version of the NVIDIA 387.34 or newer prepackaged 
in some repository for oi?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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