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Many thanks for the hints!

This worked:
#boot from installation media
#sudo zpool import rpool
#sudo zpool export rpool

Note: i didn't have to specify -d /dev/dsk or the like, the device name was automatically changed.

Over night i had an idea which might have solved this without reboot:
-define a partition on a spare drive with the exact same size as the rpool partition
-add this new device as a mirror device to the rpool
-wait for resilver complete
-detach the original device
-"some magic" to clear the zpool/zfs info on the original device
-re-add the 'cleaned' original device
-wait for resilver complete
-detach the temporary used device

Any thoughts on this?

I think it wouldn't hurt to try it.
It could work even if done from live media and not booted off the installation. After all, you are creating a mirror on another drive/partition, just make sure that partition is created aether with illumos fdisk (format command and fdisk) or created as part of OI installation process, to be sure there is one slice inside that new partition.

Other than that, don't mistake mirroring or replication on another machine for offline backup of data, that is also true :P
(as well as a replying below quotes on public Mailing lists :) )

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