Ahh okay.

Right clicking and then hitting 'paste' does not work.

Neither does clicking on the window and then 'edit' and then 'paste'.

However, hitting ctrl + y / keybindings does.

Thought I would have to learn vim there for a moment...


On 04/25/18 12:49 AM, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
On 04/24/18 09:35 PM, srvr_mnk wrote:
Greetings all,

When ever I use emacs and paste a line of text or code into my buffer, I get
'Mark set' at the bottom of it and am locked from the session.

I went on the emacs channel to find a way to break out of the lock, but there is

The emacs sessions then greys-out and then have to 'pkill' the emacs session.

Other text editors like Pluma work okay though. Anyone else has issues in Emacs
in OI?
I've had a similar problem in emacs on Solaris for a while if I just right-click
in the emacs window to paste, instead of clicking on the window to give it focus
first.  I've mostly trained myself to avoid it, but still screw up every now and
then and end up cursing it.

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