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> Hello kloczek,
> I've been looking for some small x86/x64 systems like this to run Open
> Indiana on, for personal/hobby purposes.
> Assuming you are able to overcome any issues here and are able to get OI to
> install and function correctly, just wondering if you are purchasing the UP
> Board Squared systems directly, thru their web site?  Or thru some other
> vendor?

I don't think that hw vendor will be able to help with OI. Will try to
ask but I think that they may have to small customers base to provide
such support (will try to ask them).

Because boot freezes or restarts at very early stage I suppose that
problem may be with CPU support
So question to OI developers: how it is with this Intel Pentium CPU
N4200 support? and/or what more I can do to diagnose boot issue?

Another thing is that this HW has 128GB eMMc so I'm not sure is it
will be possible to use OI with this eMMc as root dev.
I have 1TB miniPCI Samsung Evo 960 SATA plugged in this HW (miniPCI
slot is configurable at BIOS level to support SATA or NVMe over this
interface) and another spindle connected over SATA connector so at
least those devices should be possible to use with OI.

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