Thank you Ken,

I had no idea that this existed.

So would I be correct in stating that I could load up OI on a system, along with one of the supported AMD frame buffers and your drivers, and, thru those drivers + OpenCL, could use the GPU's to process the computational type of data that people frequently do, i.e. mine for bitcoin or some other silly task along those lines?

Thanks again Ken for the work you did.   I looked at the link 
below.   Did it really only take you (2) coding hours?


On 02/05/18 23:44, ken mays via openindiana-discuss wrote:
  Till mentions:
Unless somebody sneakily started a porting effort."

I ported the AMDGPU driver a few years ago. The main AMDGPU-Pro components are 
closed source.

So, no support otherwise...


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