Perhaps you just need a `pkg refresh`? This is what I see:

$ pkg list -af xvnc

NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION          IFO
x11/server/xvnc                                   1.8.0-2018.0.0.0 i--
x11/server/xvnc                                   1.7.1-2018.0.0.2 ---
x11/server/xvnc                                   1.7.1-2018.0.0.1 ---

I did `pkg update` yesterday.


On 05/20/18 09:16 AM, Jacques Hugo wrote:
Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the reply.  What repo are you pointing to?  I can’t see those pkg 
versions in the standard /hipster branch:

$ pkg list -af xvnc
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
x11/server/xvnc                                   1.7.1-2018.0.0.2           i--
x11/server/xvnc                                   1.7.1-2018.0.0.1           ---

Cheers for your help on this.


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On 19 May 2018, at 17:35, Alexander Pyhalov <> wrote:

On 12.05.2018 17:57, Jacques Hugo wrote:
Hi all,
Just double-checking here:  but no one has ever seen this error on a new


Sorry for long delay, the issue with Xvnc was fixed in 
x11/server/xvnc@1.8.0,5.11-2018.0.0.0 .

System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

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