I am trying to use download pictures from my digital camera
using gtkam and gphoto2 but it fails. For example, here is what
gphoto2 reports:

$ gphoto2 -auto-detect
Abilities for camera             : Nikon S2                                    
Serial port support              : no
USB support                      : yes
Capture choices                  :
                                 : Image
Configuration support            : yes
Delete selected files on camera  : yes
Delete all files on camera       : no
File preview (thumbnail) support : yes
File upload support              : yes
*** Error (-1: 'Unspecified error') ***       

Next I try the following:

$ gphoto2 --list-files
*** Error ***              
PTP I/O Error

*** Error ***              
An error occurred in the io-library ('I/O problem'): Could not query kernel 
driver of device.
*** Error (-7: 'I/O problem') ***    

Running the command as root does not help...

Any ideas what might be wrong? The program was working with the pre-November 
2017 BE.


Apostolos Syropoulos
Xanthi, Greece
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